Ukraynalı gelin Muğla'da aile ve çocuk fotoğrafçısı olmuş. Gurbette iş yapıyor.


Hello, I am Natalya Özgürkan. I spend a large part of my life with my family in Marmaris, a beautiful city on the Aegean coast of Turkey, which is like heaven to me. I have developed my interest in photography since childhood, and finally participated in a photography course in November 2015.

In February 2016, I received the state certificate in Turkey, which formalized my talents, and since then I have participated in three art photography exhibitions, one of which was an international exhibition with the participation of eight countries. These exhibitions have been a great source of honor and motivation for me.

Thanks to the feedback from my clients, I have also been successful in commercial projects. I know the beautiful places of the city very well and I can speak fluent Turkish. Therefore, I offer my clients the best service and open every door. I do not just take photos in the studio, but also on land, at sea, and even on a sailboat.

In the future, I plan to improve my English skills and develop my professional video graphic skills even further. At every stage of my life, I strive to improve myself and become a better photographer. For me, photography is not just a job, but also a passion.



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